Below FAQ are some common concerns of our customers before purchasing the our products, if you have other questions, please just send it to
Giving trust and trust is our top priority, and providing unsatisfactory service will keep you from sleeping. We want all boxes to arrive in pristine condition, but unfortunately it is difficult to oversee the entire shipping process. So we will always do everything we can to rectify that. Trust is guaranteed and we will become a company that delivers the unique taste and sincerity of Korean food with an honest attitude that always puts the customer first.
Personal Customer Service : We don't hide behind automated customer service and response times that we can't really reach. You can expect vivid human answers to your questions. Someone who takes personal responsibility for solving your problems. We believe this is the best way to provide quality services to individuals and businesses. Please feel free to contact us on the inquiry page, We may receive mail from regions with different time zones, but we will do our best to communicate with each and every message.
We are happy to help. We want all boxes to arrive in pristine condition, but overseeing the entire shipping process is difficult. If the product is damaged or past the expiry date (the box arrived in physically good condition but the product is not in the box), please contact our support team at with a photo to receive store credit. and to help provide refunds. If the damage is severe, we will send you a replacement. Please provide the order number or route order ID we sent you to use on the refund request form.
All of our products are made in Korea. Shipping is delivered safely to your doorstep by UPS,DHL from Korea. Products shipped from warehouses in the United States We ship via UPS, USPS, Fedex, etc.
Because ingredient information varies from product to product, we cannot guarantee that all products will be gluten-free. Among the ingredients, rice cakes are made from only healthy rice and are gluten-free. Check the nutritional information provided by each product and purchase. Nutritional ingredients are registered in the photo image, so you can check it in advance. If you have allergies, it is not recommended to purchase products you are not familiar with. If in doubt, please do not buy the item. Thank you for your understanding.
All products have a shelf life of one year and are stored at room temperature. All products are marked with an expiration date, and products past the expiration date are never sold. If you are concerned about the expired product, please take a photo showing the expiration date and contact the support team at
A) The rice cake is hard(?) A : This product is made by processing only healthy rice. Since rice cakes do not contain gluten, they are cooked by heating until soft. : You can feel the softness of rice cake by pressing lightly with a cooking tool. As above, curious about Korean food, curious about Korean culture It's good to be personal and it's good to be friends!
You can get it with $44.99 free shipping for a reasonable shipping price. The boxes of various packets are also composed of each packet by considering the cost-effectiveness.
You will receive a confirmation email when the box has been shipped from our warehouse in Busan, South Korea. After placing the order, the box is prepared and packed (within 3 business days) and delivered by courier. Arrived via DHL,UPS within 1 weeks of delivery, but please be patient due to local customs or weather delays or the impact of COVID-19 on international shipments. thank you. Products shipped from warehouses in the United States We ship via UPS, USPS, Fedex, etc.
You can simply change your address through the customer portal. Address changes will only be reflected on your next bill. If you want to change the address of the box that has not been sent from the current invoice, please contact with your full address and we will help you reflect the change. Note: After invoicing, you cannot change the address after the box has been moved to the courier.
We will email you a tracking number as soon as the product ships. If you do not receive this email, please check your spam folder as it is an automatic email. It may take some time for the tracking number to be updated by DHL,UPS.
When products are shipped internationally, all shipments must go through customs. This may result in slight delays in the arrival of your shipment. You may need to pay customs duties before customs clearance. Please note that you have no control over import taxes as the local government imposes customs duties. Shipping Precautions : In Canada, customs duties apply if the amount exceeds CAD $20 (typically around 22.47%).
Because our products are food products, all purchased items are final and non-refundable. Returned orders/products will not be accepted. If the order has not arrived within 4 weeks from the delivery date, the missing or lost order must be reported within 4 weeks from the delivery confirmation date to receive a refund
You can apply the coupon code on Checkout page - under "Order Summary". All you need to do is click the "Have a coupon code?" and you will find the field to apply only one coupon code can be applied per purchase.
If a friend you referred cancels their purchase, their purchase will no longer count toward your successful referrals.
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