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Provide simple and delicious Korean snacks to American customers.

Kim, who was a professional soldier, wanted to try a new job before it was too late, and under the influence of her grandmother who sold tteokbokki at the market, she started selling tteokbokki in the United States. Tteokbokki, Korea's soul food, is a snack that children always buy after school, and is loved by adults as a snack with beer. We will give you the best experience of eating Korean soul food.

Food Quality Assurance

Although our company adheres to strict food regulations to ensure that our products arrive in the United States healthy and safely, it is important th at they are properly packaged after they leave the factory to ensure optimal freshness during transit.

Although it is important for our company to follow strict food regulations, one of the main reasons that we focus so much on each process is to make sure we have an easy time getting our products into the United States and not just anywhere

We follow strict food regulations for compliance and safety. Competing products may not: Product safety is very important in the food industry, which requires a strict focus on safety measures such as chemical regulation and quality control. Our products have been considered safe for export t o the US according to FDA standards and have met these high standards and been recognized by our trade partners. (Note: We would include specific formats for this next part so that it provides more clarity about how we meet high safety standards compared t o our competitors.)

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

What we give to our families and customers
A company that always focuses on honesty and trust

Personal Customer Service : We don't hide behind automated customer service and response times that we can't really reach. You can expect vivid human answers to your questions. Someone who takes personal responsibility for solving your problems. We believe this is the best way to provide quality services to individuals an quality services to individuals and businesses.d businesses.

Our Mission
For the best experience of eating Korean soul food

Easy & Fast to cook on stove in 5 minutes

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