Yopokki recipe part 3. cup rabokki


Yopokki recipe part 3. cup rabokki 


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When you want to eat spicy and sweet rabokki, it will be attractive to many people that you can easily make it into a rabokki cup. Among them, the YOPOKKI Rabokki Cup is one of the more popular products because the powder soup contained with the noodles is harmonized so that you can feel the unique taste and aroma.


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Yopokki Rabokki Cup Recipe:

1. Place noodles and rice cake in the cup.

2. Fill water up to the reference line.

3. Add the included sauce.

4. Microwave for 3 minutes and 30 seconds (700W).

5. Remove from microwave and stir for 15 seconds.

6. Enjoy your delicious Yopokki Rabokki!





Rabokki Cup Image 3


One of the recommended products for those who want a spicy and sweet taste is the Yopokki rabokki Cup. You can enjoy noodles and powder soup alone, but it is also good to add various ingredients to suit your taste.

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