10 winter snacks that Koreans like!


10 winter snacks that Koreans like!

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When the weather gets cold, you look for warm and sweet snacks. Among the many snacks, there are seasonal snacks that taste better in winter. Today, I would like to introduce 10 winter snacks that Koreans love most through the results of a survey of 44,090 people nationwide conducted by the online panel service "Panel Now" from October 31 to November 4, 2022.


Top 10 Korean Favorite Snacks

1. a fish-shaped bun 30.4%

2. Roasted chestnuts 16.5%

3. Roasted sweet potatoes 12.4%

4. Hotteok 11.7%

5. Fish cake 10.8%

6. Chrysanthemum Bread 5.9%

7. Hoppang 4.2%

8. Egg bread 3.7%

9. Tangerine 2.8%

10. Other 1.6%


Someone who eats snacks

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