Why are people who eat well less prone to stress?


Why are people who eat well less prone to stress?

I once read something like this on a social media site.
Our world has less than 100 summers left.
Just because fruit is expensive doesn't mean you don't buy it.
To be happy and healthy while eating a lot of delicious seasonal fruits every year,
Eating delicious food is the surest and most dramatic way to change your mood.


Are you making all your meals for me?

Since time immemorial, our people
I'm so sincere that I think I'm exaggerating when it comes to eating.
I know the joy of food.
How to cook better and how to eat
I've always thought about how to make a more satisfying meal.

without having to explain one by one
Delicious food makes me feel better.
It's a cross-border and timeless thing.
It is something that all mankind have experienced in the same way.
There are moments when food is used for a change.


At the company I worked for a few years back, it happened a lot.
When working on a team project, the stress naturally increases. To alleviate the tension and bring us together, we always have lunch together. We ordered spicy tteokbokki and ate it together.
It's so spicy that my scalp is sweating. When I finish eating tteokbokki,
You will experience a little bit of improvement in your unpleasant feelings.
I also like food, so some people feel better by eating spicy food or sweet things.
What is certain is that a satisfying meal can go a long way toward solving many problems.
Thinking this way, I even think that happiness is pretty close by.


korea tteokbokki




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