2023 Yopokki recipe super simple quiz !


2023 Yopokki recipe super simple quiz !

Hello, Tteokbokki maniacs! Today, we're going to do an interesting quiz about the tteokbokki brand, Yopokki. Yopokki is tteokbokki with various sauces, so you can choose the taste that suits your taste. There are spicy sweet, spicy, jjajang, curry, onion butter, and cheese, and the product composition varies depending on the pack and cup.    
Quiz 1. The first quiz is this. Yopokki's product is very easy to make, and this product is easy to cook in the microwave. The recipe is to put sauce and rice cake in a cup and pour hot water to drink it, so what kind of product is this?

A: The answer is Yopokki Cup.

Beware of burns when pouring hot water!

Quiz 2. The second quiz is this. There are cheese, onion butter, jajangmyeon, spicy and sweet tteokbokki, and rabokki products that are cooked in a frying pan. The storage method is very simple, so it does not require refrigeration and can be stored at room temperature. Boil tteokbokki, soup, and water in a pot. What is this product?
A: The answer is Yopokki's pack product.

There are cheese packs, onion butter packs, spicy and sweet tteokbokki, spicy Labokki, and jjajang packs, and you can make it with various vegetables and fish cakes, so why don't you try it?
YOPOKKI-Tteokbokki-Cup-Tteokbokki-Pack-Recipe-Completed Photo-Two-Images
Yopokki is a popular tteokbokki brand in Korea. There are various flavors, so you can choose what you like. It is easy to make, so you can enjoy it at home.
So it's easy to make for students, young people, children and families.
And through your own recipe.  It's a food that you can enjoy and use in various ways. Why don't we try making cup and pack products of yopokki while solving questions about yopokki's recipe? 

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