Leading Korean Food and Snack Company Yopokki Introduces Sweet and Spicy Topokki to America

Leading Korean Food and Snack Company Yopokki Introduces Sweet and Spicy Topokki to America


Yopokki, a producer of various Korean soul foods and snacks, has introduced its Sweet And Spicy Topokki (rice cake) to the American market. The easy-to-prepare dish that has become the top choice meal for Koreans in and outside of Korea is currently available on amazon at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GT3HCH3?ref=myi_title_dp.

Sweet And Spicy Topokki (rice cake) is an easy-to-prepare dish that may serve as a light snack, it can also serve as food that can be readily consumed when out or hungry, and it is quite popular among youngsters as a snack.

Tteokbokki, or simmered rice cake, is a popular Korean food made from small-sized garae-tteok, commonly called tteokbokki-tteok. Sweet And Spicy Topokki by Yopokki is in a league of its own. The meal has a delicate texture complemented by a spicy and sweet sauce. According to some, it has just the right amount of spice. It has a mildly spicy taste that even kids can enjoy.

A customer exclaims, “So good! I’ve been watching those ridiculous mukbang videos and they eat this all the time. I couldn’t resist and wanted to try it. It didn’t disappoint! The sauce is tomato-y and a little spicy. The first time I made it I added melted mozz cheese on top (like in the videos). The rice cakes are nice and chewy and cook up really quick. The second time I made it I added quite a bit more water and also cooked some top ramen in the sauce which was incredible. Add a little cucumber salad on the side and you’ve got a perfect little meal. One package is definitely filling.”

Other products by Yopokki include the cheese Tteokbokki, Jjajang Tteokbokki, Onion Butter Tteokbokki, kimchi napa cabbage, and many more.

Visit https://yopokki-us.com/ for more information.



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