"Let's Make 'Jeon' on a Rainy Day!" - A Korean Tradition Worth Sharing


Discover the cozy Korean tradition of making 'Jeon,' a delicious pan-fried dish, on rainy days. Perfect for those looking to explore international cuisines with family and friends. Learn simple recipes for 'Buchu-jeon' and 'Kimchi-jeon,' and find out how to pair them with your favorite drinks for an unforgettable meal.

It's raining in Korea right now, and there's a saying that pops up more often than not: "Let's have some 'Jeon' and 'Makgeolli' when it rains!" So today, in the spirit of this cherished tradition, we decided to whip up some 'Buchu-jeon' (chive pancakes) right here in the office.

Let's Make 'Jeon' on a Rainy Day!" - A Korean Tradition Worth Sharing

For my friends in the U.S. who might be wondering, "What's 'Buchu-jeon'?" it's a savory pancake made from a mix of flour and water, to which you can add any ingredients you like - chives, carrots, squid, mussels, and even peppers. It's pan-fried until crispy, making for a delightful snack or meal.

Though the ingredients lean towards the healthier side, frying it in oil does make it a bit heavy, so I'm thinking of using less flour next time.

Let's Make 'Jeon' on a Rainy Day!" - A Korean Tradition Worth Sharing-2

Making both 'Buchu-jeon' and 'Kimchi-jeon' (kimchi pancakes) is quite simple, and I'll share a recipe for 'Kimchi-jeon' with you. Why not try making 'Jeon' with your family or friends next time it rains in the U.S.? Pair it with 'Makgeolli,' Soju, beer, or any drink of your choice to balance out the richness!

5-Minute Magic: The Ultra-Simple Canned Kimchi Pancake Recipe

Now, I'm curious – what are your go-to rainy-day foods in the U.S.?

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