Christmas home party! How to eat and enjoy healthy!


Christmas home party! How to eat and enjoy healthy!

Christmas Home Party Food and People


At the end of the year, you can get together with your loved ones and enjoy a Christmas party!
When you get drunk on the Christmas party atmosphere, you keep eating the food in front of you even if you're full. At this time, there is a way to prevent overeating just by practicing simple habits. Let's find out five ways to eat healthy at the happy end of the year.



People who watch TV while eating, and pictures of plates


1. Use a small bowl 

The larger the food bowl, the larger the packaging, and the more various the food types, the more you overeat. In fact, Dr. Brian Wansink's team at Cornell University in the U.S. looked at the amount of ice cream they gave at the party.
It turns out that people who use large bowls eat an average of 31 percent more ice cream than people who use small bowls.
Some studies show that the more various kinds of jelly you eat at movie parties, the more you eat. Therefore, using a small bowl when putting food on the table can reduce excessive intake.


2. Focus on eating when you eat

If you eat while watching TV or watching videos, you will eat more than usual. This is because the meal time increases unconsciously. Brian Wansink, author of "The Reason for Overeating," asked 150 Chicago citizens and 150 Parisians why they had finished their meals, and very few said they were full. The brain won't actually recognize how much food we ate, which makes overeating easier.



Two friends who are eating, a person who is stressed, and a person who is washing dishes


3. Eat slowly

It takes about 20 minutes for your body to feel full. Before that, we cannot easily recognize satiety and overeating even if we eat more than we can. There's a hormone called leptin that makes us feel full because of this hormone. When the stomach is empty, a hormone called "grelin" makes you feel hungry, and it takes 20 minutes for the signal to be transmitted. So eating slowly can prevent you from eating more food even after you are full.


4. If you're done eating, you have to clean up

If you look at it, you will continue to eat it because it stimulates appetite through vision and smell.
To find out the effect of vision on appetite, a Columbia University research team gave the group a group plate wrapped in transparent plastic wrap and a plate wrapped in aluminum foil, and compared which plates people eat more. As a result, the rap group ate more. If you have eaten enough to feel full to some extent, it is better to organize quickly to block the stimulation of the food. If there is a food you want to eat, enjoying healthy foods such as carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, and apples as desserts rather than high-calorie snacks is a way to prevent overeating.


5. Stress must be relieved first

Continuous stress excessively secretes a hormone called cortisol, which increases appetite. In addition, cortisol inhibits fat decomposition, and abdominal fat accumulation helps increase the risk of abdominal obesity. At the end of the year, when stress accumulates excessively, it is easy to relieve stress by binge eating, and to prevent this, stress levels should be lowered by ways other than food such as singing, dancing, and meditation.


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