A must-have drink at a home party! What is this drink that helps prevent colds?


A must-have drink at a home party! What is this drink that helps prevent colds?

wine and lemon ingredients

01. What is Vin Chaud?

In French, "vin" means "wine" and "chaud" means "warm," so it is a wine drink that means warm wine.
It is a warm-boiled drink with cinnamon and fruit added to wine and is said to be enjoyed throughout Europe in winter.
It is a warm drink boiled with various additional ingredients along with wine and has a refreshing flavor, spicy and bitter taste.
It is called 'Mulled wine' in English and is also a traditional British Christmas drink. The main ingredients of this drink, oranges and lemons,
are high in vitamin C. Vitamin C is very helpful in preventing colds and rejuvenating. Vitamin C is a must in the cold, late sunrise, and early winter!
Wine and its ingredients.

02. How to make a bang show

Ingredients & Recipe= Wine 120mL, 1 orange slice, 1 lemon slice, 20g sugar, a little cinnamon powder

1. Put the ingredients in the pot.
2. Add wine and simmer for about 30 minutes while steaming. It's better to keep it steaming over a very low fire.
3. When finished, pour out the mug.
4. Keep the remaining bangsho in the refrigerator and heat it slightly before drinking it.

A picture of a person with wine and tteokbokki

03. The encounter between wine and tteokbokki

Bangsho is excellent in preventing colds. Since it contains orange and lemon rich in vitamin C, it not only prevents colds but also helps improve.
immunity. relieve fatigue. It is also made of red wine rich in antioxidants, which helps control cholesterol levels and is effective in preventing cardiovascular diseases. People whose hands and feet get colder in winter can also help improve blood circulation if they drink bangsho. Here's how to make a bang show. How about enjoying a handmade bang show using wine and various fruits this Christmas and the end of the year? I recommend spicy and sweet tteokbokki as a dish to accompany warm wine. I hope you enjoy the special recipe of warm wine and chewy tteokbokki in your own space in the cold winter.

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