Lee Eo-ryeong, author of the book "Who Are You?" based on chopsticks.


Lee Eo-ryeong, author of the book "Who Are You?" based on chopsticks.

Image of a book about chopsticks by Lee Ryeong


1. A writer and cultural person who wrote about Korean culture and ethnic identity

The posthumous work "Who Are You" was published, in which the late first Minister of Culture Lee Eo-ryeong recently unraveled a bundle of stories that explored Koreans' "memes (cultural genes)" with chopsticks.

It is a book containing affectionate advice to the public by borrowing the characteristics of chopsticks in the article.

He spoke thus. "Isn't that amazing? Chopsticks and chopsticks that have been handed down for a thousand years. If the Korean mind and consciousness of life are fossilized in it, it will tell us more stories than any classic."


A picture of chopsticks and tteokbokki

2. The story of Korean culture on the chopsticks of the book Who Are You

In Who Are You, the author deciphers the genetic code of Koreans in chopsticks and chopsticks, which are our unique eating tools and culture, and explores a huge theory of civilization that moves toward the world and the future.

Others discover the meanings and lessons implied in ordinary daily life, things, and phenomena that are easy to pass by, and present the way our society should go.


A picture of chopsticks and tteokbokki

3. Value contained in the culture of chopsticks

The tool of chopsticks itself is the product of human culture and the beginning of civilization. Chopstick culture also implies Eastern ideas and East Asian lifestyles.

Among the three East Asian countries that use chopsticks, Korea is the only country that uses metal and uses spoons in pairs, unlike China and Japan, which use wooden chopsticks, which leads to a spirit of harmony and embrace.



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