"I accidentally microwaved the preservative too"... Is it okay to eat? [The Science in the Kitchen]


"I accidentally microwaved the preservative too"... Is it okay to eat? [The Science in the Kitchen]


I accidentally microwaved the preservative too"... Is it okay to eat? [The Science in the Kitchen]


 In today's fast-paced world, convenience meals like Yopokki have become a staple for those craving quick, delicious, and satisfying dishes. But what happens when in the rush of anticipation for that spicy, comforting bowl of tteokbokki, you accidentally microwave it with the oxygen absorber packet still tucked inside? Let's dive into this curious and common mishap, demystifying those little packets and ensuring you can enjoy your Yopokki with peace of mind.

Understanding Oxygen Absorbers

Those little packets you find in your Yopokki box aren't filled with preservatives or chemicals to worry about they're oxygen absorbers designed to ensure your meal stays as fresh as the day it was packaged. By removing oxygen from the package, these absorbers prevent oxidation—a process that can lead to spoilage and a decrease in nutritional value. The main component? Iron powder. When exposed to oxygen, it rusts, effectively removing oxygen from the air around your food and maintaining its quality and shelf life.

The Science Unpacked

You might be familiar with those hand-warming packets used during colder months; oxygen absorbers work on a similar principle. However, while perfectly safe within their intended use—keeping your food fresh—they're not meant for consumption or to be heated in the microwave. This might lead to sparking or a slight burn smell, caused by the iron reacting to the microwave's energy, not because it's releasing toxic fumes or chemicals.


Safety First : Can You Eat Your Microwaved Meal?

If the packet does end up in the microwave, the biggest casualty is likely the quality of your meal, not your health. Although it's advisable to discard the product to ensure you're enjoying your Yopokki at its best, ingesting a small amount of material from the packet isn't cause for alarm. These materials are not harmful in the quantities found in the packets but remember, they're not designed for consumption.


Yopokki’s Pledge to You

At Yopokki, we're not just about bringing you the best in Korean convenience cuisine; we're dedicated to doing so safely and sustainably. Our packaging and the inclusion of oxygen absorbers are all about maintaining the integrity, flavor, and safety of your meal. We rigorously test and select our packaging materials to meet high standards of safety and quality, ensuring you can enjoy our range of Yopokki products with confidence and satisfaction.


Wrapping It Up

Mistakes happen, and microwaving your Yopokki with the oxygen absorber packet is a common one. While this isn’t a significant health risk, it's a reminder to give the packaging a quick glance before cooking to ensure the best taste experience. Yopokki is committed to delivering not just the convenience but the joy of delicious, authentic Korean cuisine, crafted with care for you to enjoy anytime, anywhere.


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