(2024) 3 Things you probably didn't know about rice tteokbokki.


3 Things you probably didn't know about rice tteokbokki



Tteokbokki is one of the most popular Korean foods, and it's eaten at almost every meal. But do you really know what tteokbokki is? Do you know about its history or its health benefits? In this article, we're going to share three things about rice cakes that might surprise you!

  1. Tteokbokki comes in different shapes.
  2. Rice cakes are healthy.
  3. You can eat tteokbokki without being afraid of getting fat.


tteokbokki cup


01. Tteokbokki comes in different shapes.

Tteokbokki can also be found in different shapes and sizes. If you don’t want to use rice cakes, you can even find ones made from buckwheat or sweet potatoes instead! Some restaurants have even started making tteokbokki in a cup with a spoon attached so that it’s easy to eat on the go.




02. Rice cakes are healthy.

Rice cakes are a good source of iron and protein. While it may not be the most exciting food, rice tteokbokki is actually quite healthy. One serving of rice cake contains 5 grams of fiber, which helps to keep your digestive tract running smoothly. It’s also low in calories (about 100 calories per serving) so you don’t feel bloated after eating it!

In addition to all that goodness, rice cakes are also high in protein—one serving will give you about 2 grams of protein. This can help build lean muscle mass for those trying to lose weight or bulk up during workouts!




03. You can eat tteokbokki without being afraid of getting fat.

You can eat tteokbokki without being afraid of getting fat. Tteokbokki is made with rice cakes, which are low in calories. It also uses fish cakes and vegetables, both of which are low in calories as well. Tteokbokki has a good source of protein compared to other food items like ice cream and pizza.


Tteokbokki is a delicious and healthy food that you should try. It has many different flavors and it's easy to make. So don't wait any longer to try this tasty treat!

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