Traveling with Tteokbokki: The Ultimate Packing Hack!


Traveling with Tteokbokki: The Ultimate Packing Hack!



A few days ago, a friend of mine was headed to California for a month-long business trip. Amidst discussions about the prospect of visiting Korean markets and the longing for spicy Korean food in the land of burgers and pizzas, the question arose: How could they take their beloved Tteokbokki to the U.S.?

With a suitcase already brimming with essentials for a month's stay, space was a premium, and cooking options would be limited to perhaps just a microwave in the hotel room. That's when the idea of packing cup Tteokbokki and Rabokki struck us.

Here's a surprisingly simple hack for traveling with bulky Tteokbokki that might just seem too good to be true. Cup Tteokbokki products come with all ingredients individually packaged within the cup.

  • Here’s what you do :


Traveling with Tteokbokki The Ultimate Packing Hack 2
    • Remove all contents and repack the rice cakes, sauce, and noodles separately.
    • Stack the empty cups together like paper cups to minimize space.


This method might sound straightforward, but it's a lifesaver for those craving a taste of home on their travels or even during a busy day out. Enjoy the unique charm of delicious Tteokbokki anywhere, anytime!


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