10 movies that come to mind in winter.


10 movies that come to mind in winter.

10 movies that come to mind in winter.



When winter comes, I sometimes want to watch a movie through delicious snacks and drinks in a warm space. Here are 10 winter movies that doubled the memories while enjoying the cold winter atmosphere. Through a five-day survey of 43,319 people nationwide conducted by online panel service PanelNow from December 4 to 8, 2022, we will find out the first movie that comes to mind in winter.




1. Home Alone (1991) : 25.9%
2. Frozen (2013) : 21.9%
3. Eternal Sunshine (2005) : 16.2%
4. Love Actually (2003) : 15.6%
5. Love letter (1999) : 6.3%
6. Harry Potter series (2001..) : 5.0%
7. The Holiday (2006) : 2.2%
8. Miracle in Cell No.7 (2013) : 2.1%
9. Snowpiercer (2013) : 1.8%
10. Etc : 3.0%





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