Yopokki Introduces Tteokbokki To Provide Customers With The Best Korean Soul Food

Yopokki Introduces Tteokbokki To Provide Customers With The Best Korean Soul Food


Yopokki Introduces Tteokbokki To Provide Customers With The Best Korean Soul Food.
Owned and controlled by Kim, Yopokki is a Korean snack company aiming to provide delicious snacks to American customers. Kim decided to take his grandmother's place by continuing the tradition of selling TTEOKBOKKI in the United States. Top-quality Korean soul food, TTEOKBOKKI, is the company's most famous dish, which adults love as a delightful snack when paired with beer.

A rice cake called garaetteok makes tteokbokki, a cylinder-shaped, short-grain rice cake. Rice cakes made from the thicker type are sliced into slender oval shapes for making tteokguk (rice cake soup), whereas rice cakes made from the thinner, shorter type are used for making tteokbokki.
"We follow strict food regulations for compliance and safety. Competing products may not: Product safety is essential in the food industry, which requires a strict focus on safety measures such as chemical regulation and quality control. Our products have been considered safe for export to the US according to FDA standards and have met these high standards and been recognized by our trade partner," shares the founder of the company, Kim.

On top of that, besides offering tteokbokki, the company has a broad product range, including Kimchi and Jjajang Rabokki. Each product comes in high-quality packaging and has a different level of spiciness according to the customer's preference. Using a simple recipe, these premium quality Korean food products are easy to prepare and can be cooked in minutes.

Food regulations are strictly adhered to by the company, and a safe and healthy shipment of products is delivered to the United States. The company aims to take precautions in advance as part of its safety measures. By taking proper safety measures, the company has maintained its goodwill in the market and is seen as ethically responsible since it adheres to ethical standards. Moreover, the company endeavors to build customers' trust by providing them with top-quality services and fresh Korean food every time they come, ensuring that their customers will never disappoint.

"We have captured the delicious taste of various Korean dishes so that they can be prepared in minutes but accessible anywhere in the world," claims the owner, Kim.

For further details, click on the website https://yopokki-us.com/



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