The Master of Tteokbokki, Yopokki's Economic Instant Rice Cakes

The Master of Tteokbokki, Yopokki's Economic Instant Rice Cakes

Yopokki launches its Sweet and Mild Spicy tteokbokki cups, also known as Instant Korean rice cakes.

The Republic of Korea also known as South Korea covers the southern part of the Korean peninsula. Korea doesn’t need any introduction because for the past few years She has made a name of her own. From Korean Pop music bands to Korean TV drama serials, it has been hitting the charts globally. People are die-hard fans of Korean pop music bands and follow them religiously. Especially the teenage girls and boys are in awe of the beauty of the language and culture of Korea. These Korean Pop bands such as “BTS” and “Black Pink” have introduced the world to Korean culture, their traditions, their language, and their food.

Korean food is a unique blend of flavors. It has spicy and tangy notes from different spices along with the earthiness of a wide variety of vegetables used in their cuisine. One of the most popular dishes is Korean rice cakes. They are a mixture of rice flour and starch. They can be made in different ways with different sauces and spices. But the most famous version is tteokbokki also known as topkki.

Korean rice cake tteokbokki is instant food and is mainly eaten as street food. At the Yopokki store, there is a Sweet and Mild Spicy version of tteokbokki available. This instant cup provides the authentic taste of Korea to the whole world. This version of rice cake is made from tender rice cakes along with sweet and spicy authentic Korean sauces.

This instant food can be prepared within minutes. It is very easy to fulfill the urge for Korean food with these instant rice cakes. To make the cakes, take a container and put the rice cake powder mix. Add 20 ml of water along with the sauce provided by Yopokki. Put the container in the microwave for 2 minutes and 30 seconds on the medium-high setting. Carefully take the container out of the microwave and cover it with a lid. Leave it on the counter for about 30 seconds. The steam will double the rice cakes in volume, making them soft and fluffy. Let them cool a minute or enjoy hot.

This snack is perfect for everyone and can be eaten anywhere easily. The sauce comes in a different package which allows the customer to manage the level of spiciness. It is perfect for kids as it does not contain too much spice but is packed with flavors and nutrients. “I love these and my 7 yr old does as well! They don’t have much spice but great flavor. I spice up mine with a tad more with sauce...”, said one of the satisfied customers. 

Allergens are also mentioned at the back of the cup. The tteokbokki cup contains wheat, tomato, and soybean. There are also other flavors available at Yopokki. It includes Onion Butter Cup, Jjajang Cup, Kimchi Rapokki Cup, Hot Rapokki cup, and Sweet and Mild Spicy Rapokki Cup. To know more about the products visit the website

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