NEW 2023 Yopokki Microwave Cup Recipe: How to cook without failure!


NEW 2023 Yopokki Microwave Cup Recipe: How to cook without failure!


NEW 2023 Yopokki Microwave Cup Recipe: How to cook without failure!



Hello, people who love tteokbokki lovers! This blog is all about Korea's iconic food, comforting and delicious favorite tteokbokki. Today we're focusing on a convenient version of the Yopokki for microwave oven that takes the spicy yet sweet taste to a whole new level of convenience. However, we understand that sometimes the process is tricky and we can make tteokbokki that is over-cooked or under-cooked. But don't worry! To ensure a perfect cup every time, we introduce the failure prevention step of the newly introduced 2023 Microwave Cup Tteokbokki recipe.




YOPOKKI Cup Basic recipe Cooking Problems & Solutions



Chapter 1 :  Getting to Know Microwave Cup Tteokbokki
Before we dive into the process, let's understand the basic cooking sequence.

1. Add rice cake and sauce to the cup.
2. Fill up to the red line with 20ml of water.
3. Stir well and cover it slightly askew.
4. Microwave for 2 minutes (1,000w) or 3 minutes (700w).

    Chapter 2 :  Common Issues When Cooking Microwave Cup Tteokbokki

    Problem 1: Water Control Woes
    Getting the water quantity right is crucial for the perfect microwave cup tteokbokki. Too little water can result in tough rice cakes and a thick, gloopy sauce. Conversely, too much water can dilute the flavors and create a watery broth.

    Problem 2: The Heat Dilemma
    Overheating is another challenge many face when preparing tteokbokki. It can lead to dryness or, even worse, overflow and a messy microwave. 



    Chapter 3 : Steps to Mastering Microwave Cup Tteokbokki
    Now, let's tackle these issues head-on and guide you through the foolproof method of preparing microwave cup tteokbokki.

    Step 1: Water Matters
    Locate the water line inside the cup. If it's not visible, a good rule of thumb is to ensure the rice cakes are submerged in enough water.

    Step 2: Stir It Up
    Give the ingredients a thorough mix before microwaving. This ensures an even distribution of sauce and water.

    Step 3: Microwave Setting
    Set your microwave to medium heat, as this reduces the chances of tteokbokki boiling over and provides a safer cooking environment.

    Step 4: Heating Time
    The optimal heating time may vary based on microwave power. Start with 2 minutes, then carefully remove the cup (be cautious, it's hot!), stir, and check the consistency. If the rice cakes are still too firm, microwave for an additional 30 seconds to 1 minute.

    Step 5: Allow Cooling
    Remember, tteokbokki continues to cook and thicken as it cools. Take a moment or two before diving in. 




    A picture of tteokbokki with vegetables such as boiled eggs, cheese, and fish cakes


    Chapter 4 : Tips and Tricks for the Best Microwave Cup Tteokbokki Experience
    In this final section, we have some extra tips to elevate your microwave cup tteokbokki adventure.

    Variations: You can freely add extras such as boiled eggs, cheese, fish cakes or additional vegetables to enhance texture and flavor.

    Serving Suggestions: For an authentic Korean experience, enjoy your tteokbokki with a side of Kimchi, creating a perfect harmony of flavors.

    Get ready to savor the deliciousness of Yopokki's New Microwave Cup Tteokbokki with our fail-proof recipe. Enjoy the convenience of quality Korean instant food, embrace the traditional tteokbokki experience with chewy rice cakes and























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