Prepared From Authentic Ingredients, Yopokki Is The Only Online Store Where All Kinds Of Authentic Korean Rice Cakes Are Available

Prepared From Authentic Ingredients, Yopokki Is The Only Online Store Where All Kinds Of Authentic Korean Rice Cakes Are Available

The trio of Korean Soul food, Tteokbokki, rabokki, and kimchi are the best sellers' products at Yopokki. They are a quick and easy meal for every occasion, which can be prepared within minutes.
Tteokbokki is one of the most popular dishes in Korea. It is made from rice flour mixed with aromatic herbs and spices. The final product is then tossed into delicious sauces which no one can resist.
Yopokki is a Korean-based company that delivers authentic Korean Rice cakes to their customers’ doorstep. After realizing a lack of authentic tteokbokki in the market, the owners decided to produce and deliver Korean soul food to people’s doorstep. It started as a little business venture, but with much love and appreciation from happy customers, the business grew on a much larger scale. After receiving over-whelming responses from the customers, the owners launched the website a few years ago to make Yopokki accessible to everyone worldwide. Korean Soul food is the comfort food everyone needs while they are down or even when they are just watching a movie. It’s a quick and easy go-to snack for any event or party. The most popular of them is the infamous tteokbokki. Rice cakes tossed in numerous sauces explode in the mouth with multiple flavors, leaving customers wanting more.
Upon clicking the menu button, a tab shows different categories. The first three are pick and try, new taste, and starter packet. The pick-and-try category leads to a new page that offers various options to customize bundles of different products, including tteokbokki and rabokki. The new taste category shows all the new flavors the company introduced, including jjajang rabooki and curry rabokki. The starter packet category offers different bundles for newbies. New customers unfamiliar with Korean soul food can try these bundles, which have all the different flavors of tteokbokki and rabokki, including spicy and mild flavors.
Tteokbokki and rabokki are the fourth and fifth categories respectively, on the menu button. Upon clicking tteokbokki, a subcategory shows tteokbokki pack and tteokbokki cup options. The pack option has tteokbokki in the packet, whereas the cup options contain the cup version of the tteokbokki. The Cup version is much easier to make and can be made in the cup, and there is no need to use any bowl or pan. Like tteokbokki, the robokki category also has pack and cup options and comes in the same flavors as tteokbokki. The tteokbokki is available in four flavors which are sweet and mild spicy, cheese, jjajang, and onion butter. Whereas rabokki is available in sweet and mild spicy, hot and spicy, kimchi, jjajang, and curry flavor.
There is also a shop by spicy category, which has tteokbokki categorized according to their spice level so that newbies and kids can select accordingly.

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