Top 8 Korean food you always take when you travel abroad


Top 8 Korean food you always take when you travel abroad


8 Korean foods that are good to take with you when traveling


According to Gmarket, more than half of the travelers going abroad chose Korean food as a must-have item for travel. Local food doesn't suit your taste, to reduce travel costs, or to take care of emergency food. Today, we would like to look at the results of a survey conducted by G Market to see which foods Koreans bring as essential travel items are the most popular.

1. Ramen: 28%
2. Red pepper paste: 21%
3. seaweed: 15%
4. Kimchi: 12%
5. Instant rice: 10%
6. Tuna: 6%
7. Side dishes: 5%
8. Salted fish: 2%
Top 8 Korean food you always take when you travel abroad
Ramen (28%) topped the list as the most popular Korean food when going abroad. Ramen is small and portable, so you can eat it easily regardless of location. It can be cooked and eaten right away, so it is excellent for meals, snacks, and late-night snacks. Currently, ramen is exported not only to China and Japan, but also to Taiwan, the Philippines, Thailand, the United States, Canada, and Australia, so it can be purchased locally without packaging.
Second place is the all-round seasoned red pepper paste (21%) that changes all dishes to Korean style. Stir-fried red pepper paste is the most popular when traveling. Next, seaweed (15%) that can be easily eaten as side dishes and snacks, instant rice (10%), which Koreans like, tuna (6%), a source of protein that goes well with everything, and side dishes (5%) that become rice thieves when local food is not palatable. Salted fish (2%) were in order. In addition, there were scorched rice, instant stew, soup, instant porridge, and cup rice.

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