Cold Wave Warning: Raise the temperature of your body!


Cold Wave Warning: Raise the temperature of your body!


Cold Wave Warning: Raise the temperature of your body!



The Lunar New Year holiday, where social distancing is disappearing. Korea was frozen hard by the ultra-cold wave. The Korea Meteorological Administration issues cold wave warnings and cold wave warnings if the minimum temperature falls below 10°C or 15°C, 3°C or less, minus 12°C or minus 15°C for more than two days. The U.S. National Weather Service (NWS) stipulates that the average temperature falls by more than 7℃ (20℃) from the previous day. Even in the morning, temperatures in some parts of the country recorded minus 23 degrees Celsius.Currently, airlines and others are not accepting reservations due to the cold wave in the southern part of Korea, and office workers in Seoul say they will use annual leave.






Sweet potatoes, onions, and garlic.



You should take care of your health in this cold weather.
It is good to raise your body temperature. There are several foods with warm properties that help raise body temperature. First, sweet pumpkin and roasted sweet potato. It is rich in essential amino acids, including minerals and vitamin A. Second, I recommend foods with a lot of spicy taste such as onions and garlic. This is because of the spicy allicin ingredient. It serves to promote blood circulation. When we eat warm food, our body temperature goes up and we start sweating. Heat is generated in the process of digesting food in the body, and if there is confusion in the parasympathetic nerve that stimulates the salivary glands, it further stimulates the connected sweat glands. What's the third one?


  1.  Vegetables rich in fiber, such as roasted sweet potatoes and sweet pumpkin 
  2.  Onions and garlic 
  3.  Another food that raises body temperature. What is it?






A cup of tteokbokki in a warm room.






 What's the answer? It is a spicy Korean food. Among them, spicy tteokbokki is indispensable. There are foods with warm soup in Korean food. There are various stews, soups, etc. Among them, street snack tteokbokki, which Koreans like, has a special secret of the sauce that determines the importance of soup. In particular, Yopoki has a variety of sauces, which give a spicy and sweet stimulus to the mouth.If you are worried about your health in the cold weather, why don't you prepare Korean food that can raise your body temperature? Yopokki is the best way to raise your body temperature in a warm room because it is delivered easily and quickly at home!



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