2023 Golden Onion butter Tteokbokki Cup recipe : traditional Korean food


2023 Golden Onion butter Tteokbokki Cup recipe : traditional Korean food

Yopokki-Traditional-Korean-food-Golden-Onion-Butter- Tteokbokki-Cup-Microwave-Recipe
Welcome back to the world of tteokbokki recipes. For your world of simple and convenient cooking, I would like to introduce a cup recipe that can be completed in just two steps. The recipe to introduce today is Golden Onion  butter Tteokbokki Cup, which has an attractive deep flavor of onions and butter.
The recipe for making Golden Onion Butter Tteokbokki Cup is very simple.
1. Add rice cake, and sauce and add 50ml of water.

2. Just heat it in the microwave for 3 minutes and you’re done!!
YOPOKKI'S  Golden Onion Butter Tteokbokki Cup is a Tteokbokki cup that combines the flavor of onions and the deep taste of butter.
One of the best tteokbokki. You can make a recipe that is good for protein supplementation by chopping green onions into small pieces and adding them to finished tteokbokki or boiled eggs. It has a different charm from cheese tteokbokki.
Yopokki-Traditional-Korean-food-Golden-Onion-Butter- Tteokbokki-Cup-Microwave-Recipe
YOPOKKI'S When should I eat Onion Butter Tteokbokki Cup to make it more delicious?
YOPOKKI'S Tteokbokki can be served as a great meal very quickly. When eating snacks with friends, all you need is a microwave and hot water.
Tteokbokki is made that everyone can enjoy together. It is convenient because it is an easy way for anyone to cook when they need it. When you want a unique combination of Korean tteokbokki and onion butter. Try the onion butter cup.!

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