The top 10 comfort foods


The top 10 comfort foods

Here are 10 foods that I find comforting.

When I want to relieve the fatigue and stress accumulated during the day, I have a great urge to eat delicious food. As it turns out, eating delicious food can actually relieve stress and even improve your mental health.

I will learn which food is the most comforting through online surveys.

The top 10 comfort foods

The top 10 comfort foods

  1. Tteokbokki
  2. Chicken
  3. Kimchi stew
  4. pork belly
  5. Samgyetang
  6. Ramen
  7. Soybean Paste Stew
  8. cake
  9. beef
  10. chicken feet

When capsaicin, the substance that gives peppers their pungent taste, touches your tongue, the body recognizes it as pain and releases endorphins into the brain. The endorphins have an analgesic effect.

It also stimulates the sympathetic nervous system to warm the body and may promote fat breakdown, which helps with weight loss.

After that, you can enjoy chicken dishes with rice thief kimchi stew, which doesn't need any other side dishes. There's also soft and savory pork belly, good samgyetang, national instant food ramen, savory and savory soybean paste stew, sweet cake and also spicy and chewy chicken feet. According to a survey conducted for foreigners living in Seoul, tteokbokki, kimchi stew, chicken and samgyetang were selected showing that their preferences were not significantly different from those of Koreans.

If you're looking for comforting foods, we hope this helps.

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