We invite you to the world's best tteokbokki festival in 2023! Part 2


We invite you to the world's best tteokbokki festival in 2023! Part 2



Hello, people who love tteokbokki lovers!

2023! The story of the world's best tteokbokki festival in Daegu, South Korea! Today is the second blog.
In the last blog, we could see that the festival was for everyone who loved tteokbokki and showed the concept of retro and neo-retro along with the official mascot tteokbokki. There were many booths selling food and drinks, and I could eat tteokbokki, Korean desserts, fried squid, and fried peppers. Today, I will introduce the second part! Happy moments such as new games. Please follow me.





One of the events of the tteokbokki festival was making dolgona candy. Dalgona candy is a sweet snack made with sugar and baking soda. It melts and stirs until it becomes caramel. The caramel is then poured onto a clean surface and cooled. When the caramel cools down, you can use a cookie cutter to shape the candy inside. I tried to make dalgona candy and succeeded! I received tteokbokki as a prize and it was really delicious.

The festival also featured booths using the character Ppogi. There was a space for taking pictures as well as images related to Korean dramas, movies, and culture. The children liked to dress their tteokbokki characters with paper dolls. Isn't it so cute?

Making dalgona candy is a fun and easy way to make snacks. You can make it easily at home, so try it!

Caution: Be careful because dalgona candy is very hot. Don't burn yourself.




The tteokbokki festival was a really fun time for people who love tteokbokki. I was able to experience Korean culture after eating various tteokbokki. Especially, dalgona candy and tteokbokki characters were very popular among children. I want to go to the festival again.

YOPOKKI enjoys daily festivals with you online. There are various tteokbokki flavors that are flavored with various sauces,
Let's enjoy our own festival!
We will hold various events to let you know the taste and popularity of tteokbokki. If you like tteokbokki, please participate in YOPOKKI's fun meal and enjoy tteokbokki.



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