Korean Canned fermented Kimchi napa Cabbage

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1 can of Yopokki Korean traditional Canned Kimchi

Perfect size for 1 serving (5.6oz) I Just open, and enjoy! I Convenient, easy to eat, already sliced!

High quality, locally sourced napa cabbage, farm fresh vegetables, authentic Gochugaru, the Korean chili pepper that gives our spicy kimchi its distinct and bold flavor.

Non-GMO and crafted with the finest ingredients sourced from trusted farms. Free from artificial colors and preservatives, ensuring purity and a natural taste.

Can be eaten in various places with various menus - Travel, Fishing, Camping, Rice, Noddle Sandwich.

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Kimchi 1ea korean food


Yopokki Canned fermented Kimchi napa Cabbage 1EA


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Mild but flavorful; Ingredients

As kimchi goes, this is on the mild side, not very hot, not strongly sour. Those flavors are definitely there, though, along with the umami notes. The cabbage is diced small in the can I tried.

I wanted to try it with something easy, so I mixed a half can with some chopped roasted chicken. Tasty, gave it a full, rich, spicy flavor.

As is typical of authentic East Asian food, it's got MSG added. That and the salt contribute to the sodium content, 750mg in the half can (3 ounces) I ate. Not many calories, though, only 30 in that amount.

Best by October 29, 2023.

Ingredients: Napa cabbage, water, brewed soy sauce, red chili pepper, garlic, salt, high fructose [corn syrup], sugar, MSG, ginger, anchovy extract.

Made in Korea.

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Korean Canned fermented Kimchi napa Cabbage
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